Florence C. and Robert H. Lister Fellowship

The 2019–2020 Lister Fellowship application period is now open. Applications for the Lister Fellowship are due by October 11, 2019, and we will announce the recipient on or about November 8, 2019. Learn how to apply here.

Florence C. and Robert H. Lister

The Florence C. and Robert H. Lister Fellowship was established in recognition of the lifelong achievements of the late Florence and Robert Lister, noted archaeologists, dedicated educators, and friends and supporters of the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center. The purpose of the fellowship is to assist graduate students who show promise of making a significant contribution to the archaeological knowledge of American Indian cultures of the Southwest. Recipients of the Lister Fellowship are awarded a stipend of $10,000 to help support the final stages of their research and the writing of their dissertations. A single fellowship is offered in alternate years and is not renewable.

Applicants for the Lister Fellowship must be enrolled in a Ph.D. program at a recognized university in North America. Students whose projects are based on archaeological, ethnoarchaeological, or paleoenvironmental research in the southwestern United States or northern Mexico are eligible. In some years, the fellowship may be restricted to individuals whose research focuses specifically on the archaeology of the northern San Juan region, an area of particular research interest to the Listers.

Publications by Florence and Robert Lister can be found in this bibliography.