Travel the world and discover human culture and history in a global context

Change the way you see the world. Travel with Crow Canyon's Cultural Explorations program—and discover the global context of human history.

Crow Canyon's educational tours are travel seminars: unique opportunities to travel and learn in the company of like-minded travelers. Developed by our Cultural Explorations staff and guest scholars, each program offers a strong educational focus:

  • Travel with archaeologists, cultural specialists, tribal members, and other scholars.
  • Be part of a lively exchange of ideas. 
  • Enjoy limited group sizes and behind-the-scenes tours.
  • Go off the beaten path, with privileged access to sites.
  • Visit with respect.

Browse our 2020 Cultural Explorations travel seminar line-up. Registration is now open!

For more than three decades, Crow Canyon has contributed to some of the most important new understandings in Southwestern archaeology. Our travel seminars provide once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to travel the American West and beyond. When you travel with Crow Canyon, you gain new experiences and learn about other cultures all while helping us sustain the archaeological research that drives Crow Canyon. Your tuition and expenses cover an unforgettable experience that provides top value— and it also supports the non-profit mission of the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center. This is Crow Canyon’s legacy and by travelling with us you're making a positive impact and a direct contribution to our mission.